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About Our Expert Plano HVAC Team of Heating and Air Conditioning Professionals

heating-and-air-conditioning-company-Plano-texasAtlas Heating and Air Conditioning remains one of the best companies in Plano and the surrounding areas for HVAC services for your air conditioning and heating systems. We are highly trained for installations, repairs and maintenance services. We have a high level of dedication to customer satisfaction, making us the best company in the area on all fronts. You will always receive the HVAC help that you need, and we offer a team of highly trained and experienced personnel that do their job with the utmost passion to ensure customer satisfaction.

An HVAC Company Where Reputation Matters!

Have you been wondering where you can find the best heating and air conditioning specialists in the Plano, TX area? Never worry, we are here for you. We strive to provide our clients with nothing but the best in HVAC solutions at pricing that you can afford, while still maintaining nothing but impeccable professionalism.

We are the company that clients can always count on. It goes without saying that heating and air conditioning services have to be done in a professional manner so that your home or business environment is nice and comfortable. All you have to do is read our reviews and you will see what all of our satisfied customers have to say.

Unrivaled Heating and Air Conditioning Services


There is no other company that comes even close to offering the same level of service that you will get from us at Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning Company. We work to install, repair and maintain your HVAC equipment in both residential and commercial buildings. We handle our clients differently with technicians that have excellent communication skills to assist you in the best possible manner, while even striving to educate you along the way.

You can count on our services and trust that we are sully licensed and experienced in the industry. Everyone on staff has been trained and always attends seminars to increase skills and knowledge in all HVAC services.

Professional HVAC Services Using the Best Equipment

air-conditioning-and-heating-contractor-Plano-texasWork in HVAC requires the best set of equipment and tools to get the job done. With Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning, we have everything necessary to ensure the best services. It will never matter whether or not you are looking for maintenance or repairs, as we will do a wonderful job, leaving you impressed.

Our professional technicians will inform you of anything they do to your HVAC system, and you can always consult with them. We will work 24/7 to ensure our clients are comfortable when inside their homes or businesses. All of our HVAC systems are of the highest quality to last you for a long time

You never need to spend a whole lot of money for fixing your HVAC system. We feature affordable rates and special offers for all repair and maintenance work. If you are in the area of Plano, never hesitate to call us when you need the professionals to look at your HVAC system. We are responsible and very reliable. We will make sure that you and your family are comfortable throughout the year with technicians that will repair your system or give you a proper assessment. Simply contact us via email, or you can get in touch with us by calling (972) 203-6619 and we will be happy to discuss in detail our full range of professional HVAC services.