AC Maintenance in Plano

Regular ac maintenance servicing is the only thing that ensures that air conditioners work best. To guarantee your comfort in the fall, summer, and spring, it is important to ensure that the AC is in peak working condition. Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning is here to provide the best maintenance services. Poor servicing is often the culprit behind the constant failure of your air conditioning unit.

Plano AC Maintenance Services

Residential Cental Air Conditioning UnitIt is important that AC unit repairs are done professionally. This reduces the chances of future failure. Your AC should be in proper working condition all through the year to ensure that your home is comfortable always. Proper AC maintenance also leads to improved longevity of your air conditioner. Our experts are professional and have the relevant training in different makes and models of AC units. We train our experts on the best maintenance practices and you should not have worries about trusting them with your air conditioner maintenance and repairs. Our mandate is your complete satisfaction.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money!

You might have noticed a sudden surge in your monthly energy bills but are unable to identify the exact cause of the huge consumption. If no regular checks of your air conditioning system are undertaken, it is highly likely that it is the culprit behind the surge in energy consumption within your home. Servicing the AC helps reduce your energy consumption and use.

heating-and-cooling-ac-contractor-plano-texasYou will also note an increase in the performance of the system and all your rooms will be comfortable. Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning has experience maintaining air conditioners. We have enjoyed great success since we only use the best equipment in doing our work. If you have noted some changes in the performance of your air conditioning system, one of our technicians will come to check it out. We have experience handling many AC problems in the past meaning that we will only take a short time to isolate the source of the problem and fix it.

We provide a convenient AC maintenance service for our clients. Once we have isolated the source of the problem, we will inform you about the costs you will incur for the service. This makes it easier for our clients to formulate a plan of action.

Expert AC Maintenance Advice

We do service your AC for you but you should still have basic knowledge on how to regularly check it out. Our technicians are quite friendly and train you on some of the best maintenance practices you should know about in your office or home. You can ask our technicians anything pertaining to the performance and operation of the appliance. We will not charge you for the information.

Regular AC Maintenance Servicing

Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning visits its clients and regularly works on their air conditioners. We set the best time for our technicians to come for the maintenance and they will show up. If you have the air conditioning systems checked regularly, you will enjoy savings on future costs.

Check Out Our Spring-into-Summer AC Tune-Up

commercial-hvac-ac-services-plano-texasThe Spring-into-Summer tune up is not exclusively for the spring but we do recommend getting it then because of the vast quantities of allergens and pollen likely to find their way into your home during this period. The spring to summer period is characterized by lots of dirt in the atmosphere including pollen that easily damage AC units.

The tune up is inclusive of:

  • Treating the filter with anti-microbial spray
  • Treating and flushing out the drain line
  • Digital inspection and enhancing of the Freon levels
  • Adjusting and calibrating the thermostat
  • Repairing any loose wires in the unit
  • Cleaning the electrical compartment
  • Inspecting the air ducts
  • Cleaning out any obstructing debris and dirt
  • Chemically cleaning the outside unit
  • Inspecting and measuring the efficiency of the unit

How We Maintain Your Air Conditioner

The exterior part of the air conditioner should always be clean and we use special chemicals to do this. The electrical compartment forms the core of the AC and we also clean it professionally to ensure that it does not get damaged. The wire lines, air ducts, and filter are all inspected regularly. We subsequently calibrate your air conditioner to levels guaranteed to give you comfort. To find out more about our annual maintenance programs or our tune-up specials, please call us today.