Knowing Whether to Repair Or Replace Your HVAC System in Plano Texas

AC Repair Or To Replace…That Is The Question…
ac-repair-or-replacement-plano-texasOne of the most commonly asked questions is whether you should repair or replace your HVAC system? Our Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning professionals will help answer the question of if its more cost effective to replace your heating and cooling system or repairing it. We understand that your heating and cooling system needs to be functioning properly in order to save money on utility bills and keep you feeling comfortable all year long. Here are some questions to consider when you are determining whether you should repair or replace your HVAC.

1. How old is your heating and cooling system?
If your HVAC system were older than 10 years old, it would probably be best to replace your system rather than repair it. Even if the system is running properly, it may not be as energy efficient as a new system would be. Heating and cooling systems have improved dramatically in the last few years. In addition to being more energy efficient, the air quality in your home will be drastically improved.

2. What is the comfort level of your home?
ac-replacement-or-ac-repair-plano-texasDepending on the quality, size and age of your last system, you may have too large of an HVAC system. If the system is too larger, it may cycle on and off too quickly which can cause the air in your home to be too humid. If you have hot spots during the summer and cold spots during the winter, your system may not be large enough to properly vent throughout the home. This can also be a sign of a possible leak in the ductwork. Ensure that all the rooms in your home are cooling properly to ensure there are no leaks in your ductwork.

3. Do You Have High Utility Bills?
An old HVAC system will use a lot more electricity than a newer unit. Many times you can increase energy efficiency by simply replacing your filters; however, sometimes an HVAC replacement is necessary. Many of our customers have reported up to a 60 percent decrease in their utility bills with the installation of a new heating and cooling system!

4. Is your house dustier than normal?
If you notice an increased amount of dust in your home, the ductwork in your home may have rips and tear or be improperly installed. This can allow dust particles to enter the system and blow throughout the home. We will inspect your ducts for possible leaks. Many times we are able to seal these leaks without performing a full duct replacement.

5. Does your HVAC system break down often?
If your HVAC unit is older, you may experience more and more costly repairs during the high usage seasons of the year. Older system’s components begin to wear out, causing more frequent breakdowns. When this occurs, it may be time to replace your system.

Are you interested in financing options, tax incentives and rebates?
plano-ac-repair-or-ac-replacementAtlas Heating and Air Conditioning has several financing options to help serve your needs. We will explain the current tax incentives available and any rebates that you may qualify for. To take advantage of these, you will need to purchase a new HVAC system; however, depending on the age of your heating and cooling system, it may be an investment you should consider.

For more information on whether you should repair or replace your HVAC system, contact us today.