Helpful Air Conditioning FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The air conditioner has turned into a necessity in many homes because of the weather conditions that are always changing. In order to get a guarantee of comfort for your family in the summer months, it is important that you have a good air conditioner installed in the home. These are some of the questions that a client will normally have:

Is There Need For The AC Service Agreement?

Service agreements are important in the event that the air conditioner is damaged. Service agreements given to clients need to be produced whenever the air conditioner needs repairing. You will not have any expenses if the air conditioner malfunctions, so it is crucial that there is a service agreement. Expenses that are required for new parts, along with labor, will be taken care of by the Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning Company, or the manufacturer. You have to know of any repairs that are covered in the service agreement as detailed.

Can Molds Grown In The Air Conditioner And Lower Its Performance?

Certain molds will develop in conditions that are cool and humid. Whenever your air conditioner is cooling down your home, there is some humidity that can be trapped on the filter. In order to ensure you are not going to have issues with mold, you need to have our professional technicians do the maintenance. They clear the filters to help get rid of moisture that is trapped inside. Any high efficiency air conditioning system can be a good solution for preventing mold growth inside the air conditioning unit.

How Can The Energy Consumption Of The Air Conditioners Be Reduced?

The consumption of energy is something that is a major concern for people who have an air conditioner. There are ways that you can work to minimize electricity consumption in the home. Having a unit that includes high efficiency filtration will be important. It will also help when you have regular maintenance to correct any issues that could be leading to the AC unit consuming a great deal of injury. Boosting your temperature in the summer months is another way that you can help to cut down any costs that you may be having on your energy bills each month.

What Should I Do Incase My Air Conditioner Is Not Working Effectively In All Rooms?

Different factors could be leading to uneven distribution of the air in your home. If you see that the AC unit is not working properly in some rooms, the best thing that you can do is contact us at Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning, where we will come to assess the problem and then handle it in a professional way. Even a slight change in the performance of your air conditioning system should be noted and reported to us as soon as possible.

Is There A Risk Of Having Carbon Monoxide In My Home?

Any air conditioning systems we install for clients will be very safe. If you happen to be concerned about the issue of carbon monoxide poisoning, you can have a carbon monoxide detector installed in the home. This is why it is crucial to have proper maintenance done on the HVAC system so that any problems can be found early. This is a very toxic substance and you should never take any chances. You have to be able to deal with a company that is experienced and licensed to take on all air conditioning products and services.