Air Conditioner Replacement Services in Plano

The air conditioning system is a very important appliance in your home since it helps keep it comfortable in the summer. However, they do break down sometimes and have to be replaced as quickly as possible. If you would like assistance with an air conditioner replacement in your business or home then you should turn to Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning.

Plano Air Conditioner Replacement Services

Situations arise when the air conditioning system is not very effective in keeping your house cool. It might not be of much use to repair it and you may require a new AC unit. We understand that our clients sometimes have a hard time replacing their unit since they lack sufficient knowledge of the best systems that they should use. If your current air conditioning system is consuming too much energy, you may also need a new one. We are the specialists that you should consult because we provide energy efficient AC units.


AC Replacement Services

Our technicians first evaluate the needs of your home and help you determine the best AC unit to use. Different brands are in the market but because we are experienced in replacing and fixing them, we are sure that the air conditioner will be a perfect fit for your home. You can be confident in our experts who are familiar with all air conditioner replacement components along with how they work and the amount of space that they can cool.

We will then provide you with a quote for the work. We always offer all-inclusive quotes and you never have to worry about being charged any extra costs. We always ensure that our quotes outline the replacements and installations required. If you find something that you don’t understand you are always free to ask the technicians working in your home.

Fitting a New Air Conditioner 

hvac-air-conditioner-replacement-company-plano-texasOnce we finish assessing your air conditioner and you opt to have your unit replaced, our technicians will visit your home with all the equipment required for the job. We always find out from our clients the most convenient day to come for the installations. This is just how flexible we are with our heating and cooling services. Our technicians are quite careful when handling the equipment and your property and you never have to worry about any damage happening to your home. Once the new air conditioner has been installed, our team will dispose of all the trash from the job in the proper way.

Our technicians will stay long enough to make sure that the job is complete and that the air conditioner works as it should. We use specialized equipment to test every unit. All the rooms in your business or home should be as comfortable as possible once the air conditioning system starts working.

AC Replacement Maintenance Education

Besides the replacements, our technicians also take time to explain to you how to properly maintain your installed air conditioning system. Your unit should last for a long time and we always ensure that it stays in perfect working order. Proper maintenance by both the professionals and yourself helps to ensure that it will still be in proper working condition for a long time to come.

AC Replacement Refunds and Tax Incentives

The government has incentives in place to encourage you to replace the air conditioning system. The incentives are readily available and just about anybody can apply. The incentives are designed to offset the costs associated with having an energy efficient air conditioning system installed in your business or home. You can find out more about the AC replacement incentives provided in your location by visiting the website of your local energy company. Alternatively, you can call us today at (972) 203-6619 and we will guide you.