Flu Season And Your Air Conditioning System

air-conditioning-system-furnace-heating-during-flu-season-plano-texasIf not maintained properly, the air conditioning system of your home can interfere with the level of comfort within your home. Many people never service their AC units until they get damaged. The air conditioning system controls the flow of air within your home and if it gets damaged, hazardous materials such as viruses and pollen can find their way into and circulate around your house. Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning handles the maintenance of HVAC systems.

It is important to undertake regular checks of your air conditioning system especially in the flu season. Your family’s health could be at stake if you have an improperly functioning air conditioner. It is during this period that the air within your home should be as clean as possible. Our experts have undergone proper training and are thus properly equipped to service different air conditioner brands. We clean the ducts and filters to ensure that clean air easily flows through.

We have all the equipment necessary to perform this job efficiently and effectively. You can ensure that your family is not infected with the flu by ensuring that your AC system is properly cleaned up. Molds and other harmful pathogens usually breed within the air conditioning system thus contaminating the air that gets into your home.


Flu Season & Air Conditioning Maintenance

air-conditioning-system-furnace-replacement-during-flu-season-plano-texasHVAC system should be maintained throughout the year. Doing this ensures that all the dirt and microorganisms present are eliminated before they can do any harm. Our experts are skilled and do a thorough job. They will give you a manual showing how to maintain your air conditioners properly.

The rapid temperature changes caused by a damaged air conditioner can result in health complications for people in the affected office or home. This happens mainly during the fall and spring when frequent temperature fluctuations are witnessed. The HVAC system should be in proper working condition to ensure comfort. If microorganisms are breeding inside it, the system will circulate them in the air within your home and cause respiratory problems.

It is advisable to take the necessary precautions and have a professional examine your air conditioner. Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning always gives its customer the best quality of service. We guarantee your well being by ensuring that your air conditioner is in proper working condition.

Top Rated Air Conditioning System Maintenance Services

air-conditioning-system-furnace-repair-during-flu-season-plano-texasWith our maintenance service, you can be sure that your air conditioner will perform well for a long time. Repairs can be costly and we ensure that once we service your HVAC system, you will never have to worry about expensive repairs. Don’t compromise your health and that of your family by not having a properly functioning air conditioner. It is quite beneficial and should be cared for properly to ensure that it always performs the best.

We are the best when it comes to maintaining air conditioners. We have special chemicals and sprays that we use when cleaning up your air conditioning system to ensure that the air is always clean. Talk to one of our technicians and they will help you learn more about the techniques we employ when maintaining air conditioners. Give us a call today at (972) 203-6619.