Replacement And Repairs For Hot Water Heaters In Plano

Receive Expert Plano Hot Water Heater Installation in Plano & the Surrounding Areas

hot-water-heaters-plano-texasIf you are thinking of installing a brand new hot water heater or you are in the process of building a new home, our professionals have extensive experience in the permits, procedures and processes that are necessary to conduct these tasks with minimal hassles to the homeowner. We have many years of experience when it comes to the HVAC industry and are proud in offering this expertise to homeowners in the areas of Plano and surrounding areas.

The most common types of the water heaters are the tank-hot water heater that are typically used in residential settings as they provide large volumes of low-cost, efficient and dependable hot water. Fuel sources that are commonly used for this hot water type will be in most cases electricity or in some cases natural gas or propane. However, today there are a variety of homeowners in search of eco-friendly options in the form of the tankless water heater. While the amount of time required to heat this water takes longer than standard types of hot-water tanks, this choice decreases costs as well demonstrating significant advances in the period of time it will take in warming up the water.

Many homeowners are often confused about the type of hot water tanks to choose or about permits required in order to install one in a building or residential home setting. The process involves a number of steps, which needs to be adhered to so that the installation of the water heater is successful and effective. Our team of experts aim to assist both old and new customers in understanding the options available to them and how each of these systems operate.

Reasons To Replace An Old Hot Water Heater

Our business is backed by many years in experience when it comes to serving our customers in Plano as well as the surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians are all trained well to carry out these installations in a manner that is professional to ensure there are no issues that arise at a later stage. Hot water heaters need to be installed in the correct way in order to prevent leakages or electricity consumption that is extensive.

We offer a variety of options to our clients in regards to the heating source that they prefer. These choices involve choosing a hot water heater that is not only convenient but also easy to maintain. The tankless water heaters are the best choice for customers that are looking for a way to reduce their electricity consumption and prefer a more eco-friendly option.

Customers never need to be concerned if they are unsure of the system that will suit their requirements. Our experts are able to advise and educate every customer on the advantages and disadvantages of each system to help the homeowner make a more informed choice.

Advantages Of Replacing A Hot Water Heater

hot-water-heater-replacement-repair-plano-texasWhen a water heater has reached the age of 10 to 12 years, it generally has around a 75% chance that it will eventually fail. When a hot water heater is old the risks of damage and leaks significantly increase and the costs related to repairs become extensive and in many cases a waste of money. When this occurs any homeowner should be aware of the benefits of replacing the system. One of the top choices today is the tankless water heater that are associated with energy-efficient benefits that not only reduces operational costs but ensures that the home has access to a sufficient supply of hot water. Call Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning and speak to an expert so that you can find out if your current water heater has sufficient power in order to meet up with the demands of your home.

Understanding Your Hot Water Needs

In many cases homeowners use their hot water heaters for a number of years before realizing that the efficiency has decreased. The probabilities of the tank failing significantly increase when the water heater is more than 10 years of age. This failure usually occurs more commonly if the water heater has not been maintained. You can solve these issues by choosing to have a new and reliable hot water heater installed.

At Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning every repair, service and installation is carried out with efficiency, skill, passion and dedication. This company understands that each homeowner’s needs will be unique. For this reason, when consulting with this team of experts they will guide you through the process of choosing a system that meets up to the requirements of your home. Our consultants will advise you on the different options available and assist you in choosing a system that works for you at an affordable price. Give these experts a call today on 972-203-6619.